CURT 82900 Threaded Quick Link Trailer Safety Chain Hook Carabiner Clip, 5/16-Inch Diameter, 1,760 lbs.

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CURT quick links are an extremely versatile and reliable tool to help you get to your destination and go a little further once you get there. A quick link is essentially a hook that is able to be fastened into a closed loop. This means it can be linked onto any D-ring or tie-down like a hook and just as easily secured like a seamless link in a chain. CURT quick links feature a special threaded end and barrel screw that allow them to be dependable and convenient. The threaded link requires no tools for tightening or loosening, though it does feature a hex shape that can accept a wrench for an extra tight hold. Quick link hooks can be used to connect rope, cable and chain, and they are the perfect safety accessory to maximize the security of your safety chains and trailer. Their list of possible applications also goes well beyond towing, giving you a reliable connection for rock climbing, boating, camping, setting up a swing or hammock, leashing the dog, repairing chain, fastening down cargo and more. To make sure our quick links are fit to face the outdoors and all of your undertakings, we construct them from heat-treated steel and give them a zinc-plated finish for durability and rust resistance. This CURT quick link features a max load capacity of 440 lbs. and features a 5/16" diameter link. Provides a quick, secure link for chains, cables, ropes or straps Threaded link ensures secure attachment with the option to disconnect later Requires no tools for installation Features a work load limit of 1,760 lbs. Protected by a durable zinc-plated finish Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)