CURT 40092 Raw Steel Trailer Hitch Ball, 30,000 lbs., 3-Inch Diameter Tow Ball with 2-Inch x 3-1/2-Inch Shank

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When you need towing strength unlike anything your average trailer ball can provide, you need something that goes beyond conventional means. CURT 3" trailer balls are unparalleled in their towing capacity and design. With a wide 3" ball diameter, they offer a solid mounting place for your trailer coupler and peace of mind down every road. CURT 3" trailer hitch balls weigh in with a ball capacity of 30,000 lbs. This means they are capable of towing virtually any trailer your class 5 trailer hitch and ball mount can tow. The CURT 3" tow ball comes with a 2" shank diameter for added structural strength and a raw steel finish, giving it a tough layer protection against the stress of pulling large loads. Whether its commercial machinery, industrial supplies, construction equipment or farming materials, these trailer balls are built to thrive in heavy-duty applications (NOTE: Never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component; i.e. the vehicle, hitch, trailer, etc). Also, to give them an added advantage, CURT 3" trailer balls are heat-treated and feature coarse threads. To make sure our trailer balls are fit to take on the CURT name, we put them through strenuous testing. Not only does this ensure they are capable of performing at their listed capacities, but it also gives you the confidence you need to tow that trailer wherever the highway leads. Our 3" trailer balls are made for performance and endurance and meet U.S. VESC specifications for your safety. Fits 3" couplers and accepts up to 30,000 lbs. GTW Constructed from high-strength raw steel Heat-treated for optimum wear resistance Zinc-plated hex nut and helical lock washer for secure mounting Tested for safety to meet U.S. VESC V-19 specifications Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)