CURT 80308 25-Foot Trailer Safety Transport Tie-Down Load Binder Chain, 5/16-Inch Clevis Hooks, 18,800 lbs. Break Strength

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No matter how far you are planning to drive -- down the street or across the state -- using safety chains when you tow is smart, safe and required by law. Without safety chains attached, there is a serious risk of danger if your trailer becomes uncoupled from your trailer hitch. Play it safe with safety chains, and play it even safer with safety chains from CURT. CURT has a few different options when it comes to securing your trailer. In addition to our safety chains and cables, CURT offers heavy-duty chain to accommodate the larger loads of commercial and industrial towing. This transport binder safety chain is constructed from quality steel and is grade-70 certified. It features a minimum break force of 18,800 lbs. and a work load limit of 4,700 lbs. It is also equipped with two clevis grab hooks for a better grip on bulky loads such as construction equipment, building materials and high-powered machinery. This transport binder safety chain has a link diameter of 5/16" and a total length of 25'.In our book, making safety a priority when you tow is a must. We offer all the safety equipment needed for successful towing, from our electrical components to our safety chains. The next time you hitch up for an adventure, always Bring It safely with CURT. Designed for tying down and binding heavy-duty cargo Features a minimum break force of 18,800 lbs. and work load of 4,700 lbs. Grade-70 rating for superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance Assembled with two clevis grab hooks for secure attachment Protected by a durable yellow zinc-plated finish Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)