CURT 60606 Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch Installation Tool

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Despite the fact that CURT gooseneck hitches are designed for easy operation, we know that when it comes time to install a gooseneck, it is not always a walk in the park. Then again, we know you are not the kind to give up when the job gets tough. To give you an extra hand during the installation of your gooseneck hitch, we offer a few special installation accessories to make sure your hitch gets bolted in securely and precisely. The CURT Double Lock gooseneck install tool is a simple bracket that holds your gooseneck hitch in place while you bolt it down. After installing the gooseneck installation brackets and drilling the hole for the gooseneck ball, the install tool can be set in place and attached to the gooseneck hitch. Its simple yet sturdy design works with all CURT Double Lock gooseneck hitches and makes installation faster and easier. Supports a gooseneck hitch for one-person installation Fits Double Lock gooseneck hitches #60600, #60607, #60615, #60620 and #60625