CURT 59828 3/8-Inch Convoluted Slit Loom Wire Protection Tube Clamps, 25-Pack

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Whether you're a contractor on your way to the jobsite or just a casual fisherman heading to the boat landing, you need working trailer lights to tow safely and legally. For any towing setup, CURT offers quality wiring components, including complete wiring kits, circuit breakers, wiring connectors and more. Protect a wiring harness or length of wires from damage with a convoluted slit loom tube and loom clamp. These clamps feature a durable nylon construction to be completely rust-free and have a 3/8" diameter to fit most slit looms. This package includes 25 clamps. Fasteners not included. Protects loose wires against vibration and damage Slit loom tubing keeps multiple wires contained in a single channel 3/8" inside diameter fits 3/8" slit loom tube or smaller Constructed from durable white nylon plastic