CURT 22322 Assorted Automotive Trim Panel Retainers & Frame Hole Plugs, 50 Pieces

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With any towing setup, there is always the need for a few additional items. Though your trailer hitch and ball mount may be tough enough to haul that heavy load, they cannot properly tow without a few supporting players. Towing accessories are a practical addition to your rig that add the finishing touches and take your towing experience to a whole new level. With the right accessories, the difference is a little like cruising the Grand Canyon in a deluxe RV as opposed to camping out in grandma's backyard. The CURT pro finishing pack is an assortment of 11 different commonly used automotive trim panel retainers, threshold retainers and frame hole plugs. When installing a trailer hitch, electrical components or other towing equipment, there may be the need to cover bolt holes or replace old retainers. Give your vehicle the finishing touches with the CURT finishing pack. This package contains 50 pieces total. You never know what obstacles the road before you might bring. The key to overcoming them is to be prepared. From proper safety precautions to quality hitch maintenance, you can count on CURT to have the products you need to come prepared and always Bring It. Features 11 commonly used automotive trim panel retainers and frame hole plugs Offers a finished appearance for your vehicle after installing a hitch Also provides replacements for missing plugs Contains 50 total pieces in a poly bag