3369 Andersen WD Bracket set - RAISED 3", 4", 5", 6" (2 inside, 2 outside w/hardware) for low frames

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Made exclusively for the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch, the 'Raised' 3/4/5/6 bracket fits all standard 3", 4" 5" and 6" trailer frames and works with all models of the Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch. NOTE: This bracket is only manufactured as an option for trailer frames that might be too low for the standard 3/4/5/6 bracket set (part #3359).

The holes of the 'Raised' bracket are reversed to keep the bottom of the bracket closer to the trailer frame, essentially 'raising' it. This makes it perfect for low trailer frames ('low' means less than 18" between ground and top of trailer frame).

Includes 2 inside brackets, 2 outside brackets and mounting hardware as shown in picture.